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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Journey to the end of the earth.

This is the cover of my latest wargames book. It deals with wargaming the convoys to Russia during WW2.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Other paintings

I dont often do paintings of this type, but my wife likes this sort of subject so here are two I did for her

 Rounding up the bats at dawn. A Witch and a Wizard herd Bats into the castle towers while through the open gates the Wizard's white Rabbits go out to feed and play.

Teaching a Phoenix on the road to below. An adventurer prepares by training her helper.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

USS OKLAHOMA 1930. Cover art.

Acrylic on canvas. Original presented to the US Navy by the Australian minister of defence.

Monday, December 6, 2010

More paintings

Post WW2 AA frigate HMS LLANDAFF painted for a friend who served on her. Presented for his 50th  birthday

USS ALABAMA late 1944 cover art.  Original for sale.

 Spanish civil war cover art.  Original for sale.
 Old cruiser HMS Eclipse

Russian cruiser ASKOLD
German Grossetorpedoboote

French Cruiser Du Chayla

German cruiser EMDEN

German armoured cruiser Gneisenau

Battle cruiser HMS Invincible

German light cruiser Karlsruhe

Old British cruiser HMS Blake

 Standing by sinking ship

HMAS SYDNEY Town class cruiser. 

British Town class cruiser

 German torpedo boat S25
Various sketches and silhouettes prepared for articles, books etc. 

 French Lion class

 British Grimsby class

 British Later Grimsby

 Sloop HMS Hastings

  Trawler HMS Kingston Olivine

  HMS Maron an ocean boarding vessel

 HMS Scimitar

 Ex USA destroyer

 British R class Battleship

 HMS Skate

HMS Palomares AA ship

 Short range escort V&W

 HMS Verdun WAIR V&W

 HMS Windsor SRE V&W coastal escort

 HMS Liberia

 A to I class DD as an escort

 Corvette Pentstemon rescues survivors of U131. Convoy HG76 December 1941.

 Earl Flower class corvette

 Later Flower class corvette

 AA Ship HMS Springbank

 Dutch sloop FLORES

 French 1500 ton class

 French Super Destroyer

 British S class submarine

Constable Dog and characters from Baroombla

The following are drawings from my unpublished late children to early teenage book 'Constable Dog'.

The little railway town of Baroombla. Somewhere in the Never-Never-land.

Boss of all the beef cattle in the area.

Blaaaack Baaart, King of the sheep.

Even in a far outback town there could be traffic problems. Especially with Emus.

Constable Dog's home and station.

Constable Dog's love. Fifi the tourist dog who won his heart.

Fifi back in France with her pups, courtesy of Constable Dog.

The Kangaroos were only too quick to have a good laugh if anything went wrong.

Constable Dog loved playing Cricket. But a Kangaroo had to dress up when other teams visited as it was a Humans only competition.

Sometimes the only way to stop speeding Emu's was a speed trap. 

The Emu's were a continual speeding problem and although Dog frequently gave them tickets, they were after all just Emu's so they ate them.

Constable Dog at the wheel of the Landrover while the human policeman took a nap.

Kangaroo Blue, the retired old Police Roo that ran his own remote station.

Rex the rescue dog who was relief pilot for the Flying Doctor Service. But could only fly in straight lines.

Some of the numerous locals.

The sheep flock avoids capture by climbing to the top of the desert rocks.

Some slithery locals.

The dead spider was a traffic hazard and had to be demolished.

The modernized Baroombla Hotel.

The wall built to stop being blown away by the desert wind.

Pisinpot was smaller than Baroombla but had a good cricket team.

Wombats were sometimes called on as Special Constables when Constable Dog was on a break.

Crow, Crows....they were everywhere.

The Mosquitoes were so big you needed a cricket bat to squish them.

“Eatus Gobbleupia Intoxicatus”.
From an identi-kit drawing provided by Larry the Fettler of the one he saw on the way home from the Pub New Years Eve party.

Constable Dog himself. A fine, efficient and loyal creature who really ran Baroombla.