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Sunday, December 5, 2010

These early destroyers were often referred too as the 30 knotters because of their speed. Most had lost a few knots by WW1.

HMS Cherwell was one of the River class destroyers with four funnels in tightly grouped pairs.
HMS Moy was also a River Class destroyer but to the later design.

HMS VIKING was the only six funnel destroyer to serve in the British navy.

HMS Zubian was created from the damaged destroyers ZULU and NUBIAN. The intact bow of one was joined to the intact stern of the other to create a new ship after both had been severely damaged. The new vessel so created was given a combination of the name of both ships she was made from.

This is a series of drawings depicting some of the older destroyers of WW1, plus a Russian destroyer of the Russo Japanese war.

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